Applications for SELCO’s Community Collaboration Grant are to be submitted online. Information submitted via the online application form is secure and it may be saved & resumed at a later time if needed. When submitting online, you will receive an email confirmation to the address used to fill out the application. This email confirmation will be sent automatically by the system after your application has been submitted. If you do not receive an email confirmation, please contact SELCO immediately as your application may not have been received.

Applications are due by the deadline stated HERE. Please note that all supporting application materials. All materials must be delivered by the required due date. Incomplete applications may be resubmitted in a later round of applications, if all required documentation is supplied at that time.

If you would like to have your application pre-reviewed by our Legacy Project Coordinator, please contact prior to the application deadline.

Community Collaboration Application Instructions – Guidelines

Community Collaboration Grant Requirements

Community Collaboration Application FY2022

ACHF Community Collaboration FAQs

For smaller libraries, or those institutions which have less staff time to dedicate to individual programming plans, you may wish to partner with other libraries on a proposal. Please also consider hosting a Vetted Program, a selected list of library programs for both adults and children which have been specially designed to reduce the amount of time and effort required of local staff for artist selection and program coordination. For more information, visit the Vetted Program homepage.

If your application is approved, the Legacy Project Coordinator will send you an email listing grant requirements, including information on invoices, when final reporting is due, and any instructions.