SELCO Vetted Program Final Report

All grant recipients are required to file a Final Report with SELCO upon completion of their program. Evaluation materials are due within 30 days of the program’s conclusion. Information submitted via the online form is secure and it may be saved & resumed at a later time if needed. When submitting online, you will receive an email confirmation to the address used to fill out the form. This email confirmation will be sent automatically by the system after your form has been submitted. If you do not receive an email confirmation, please contact SELCO immediately as your form may not have been received. 

Attachments to your final report may be submitted to SELCO electronically to

Vetted Program Checklist  |  Vetted Survey Form  | Printable Vetted SurveyVetted Final Report Instructions | Vetted Final Report Form FY22

  • SELCO recommends using Internet Explorer or Chrome when using the online form. Some users have reported printing errors when using Firefox.
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