SELCO Vetted Program Offerings – FY20-21

The list below contains the FY20-21 Vetted Programs.

Program Descriptions can be found via the link next to each presenter’s name. Promotional materials will be sent to libraries as programs are approved. For more information on publicity, clarification of Legacy logo requirements, or assistance with Marketing, please contact Lindsey Larson,

Many presenters will adapt their programs to the audience or will tailor them to tie in with summer reading program themes, holidays, or current events. We encourage you to reach out to them to request such modifications and clarify expectations on both sides when booking a program.

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Publicity is required for all Legacy funded programs. Libraries are strongly encouraged to use the SELCO provided posters for all Vetted Programs.  If the library chooses to create its own posters and forgo the provided SELCO publicity, the library must have the poster pre-approved by SELCO’s Legacy Project Coordinator.

Vetted Program Poster Templates — All Vetted Posters are fillable PDFs.  If you have any issues, please contact for assistance.

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Arn Kind Great War


Arn Kind Program Descriptions 

Kind’s historical portrayals present Minnesota history in an exciting and interactive way. Discover Minnesota in the Great War (WWI), the Civil War and more, with authentic costumes and accessories, role-playing audience members, and gain a deeper understanding of Minnesota’s role in history.

Email:  |  Phone: 507.381.0898

Arna Rennen  Arna Rennan Program Descriptions 

Multiple program choices featuring Nordic song, dance and traditional musical instruments are part of Arna’s repertoire. Hear stories of immigrants, traditions, and folklore appropriate for all ages.

Email:  |  Phone: 218.269.5751

C.H. Armstrong Program Descriptions 

C.H. Armstrong enjoys sharing several programs with learners of various ages. Selected presentations include themes of kindness and courage, publishing your own writings, the Dust Bowl, and writing for kids.

Email:  |  Phone: 507.269.2910

Christopher Yaeger Program Descriptions 

Christopher Yaeger has more than twenty-five years of research and training in social and world dance styles. In his workshops, he combines dance, theater and multicultural perspectives to explore a variety of movement experiences. Christopher is also the founding director of the performing group “Dance Hall Days”, showcasing American dance and music from Ragtime to Rock and Roll. He has taught in schools and community settings throughout Minnesota and as far away as China and Norway.

Email:  |  Phone: 612.333-3532

Doug Ohman Program Descriptions 

Travel the state of Minnesota with Doug as he explores many historic sites and structures that are quickly being lost to history. He will share stories and interesting historical information about some of Minnesota’s most treasured buildings and sites, many of which have been featured in his books.  Doug will also tell his own story about how he took his passion for history and love of photography and combined them into a successful career.

Email:  |  Phone: 763.543.1049

Elisa Korenne Program Descriptions 

Songs and stories about events that are too fascinating for the history books. Elisa focuses her musical storytelling on characters and events from Minnesota’s past, combining musical character studies and narratives with her humor and love for audience participation. Concerts and workshops can be combined into multi-faceted historical events.

Email:  |  Phone: 218.640.2132

Jason Walz Program Descriptions 

Jason Walz is a cartoonist and illustrator living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is the creator of the graphic novel series Last Pick, the Eisner-nominated graphic novel Homesick, the online comic anthology Crap Shoot, and several short story comics. His many years teaching in special education continue to shape his life and the stories he wants to tell.

Email:  |  Phone: 612.616.4401

Jeffrey Tibbetts Program Descriptions 

During a 3-hour workshop with artist Jeffrey Tibbetts, participants carve a physical representation from a natural material while developing an understanding of aspects of the Ojibwe world view represented in artistic form from the natural elements of the cosmos.

Email:  |  Phone: 218.428.3369

Jen Anfinson Jen Anfinson Program Descriptions 

Multiple creative workshops where participants can create jewelry, learn calligraphic script, construct a fairy garden, learn about gemstones and have their own jewelry examined, or turn books into art.

Email:  |  Phone: 320.282.5531

Jill Kalz Program Descriptions 

During this one hour program, author Jill Kalz will dive into her 2019 Midwest Book Award finalist work, The Winter Bees: Fiction, a collection of interconnected short stories set in a fictionalized version of New Ulm, Minnesota. The audience is welcomed to engage in discussion of characters, setting, and language as they relate to the quiet stories of rural Minnesota.


The Jolly Pops – Program Descriptions 

The family music group The Jolly Pops combine upbeat, original music with a host of children’s standards for a concert that is sure to please kids and adults alike. Take a fun ride with the Happy Dads and their puppet friends as they sing about alligator dancing, popsicles, trains, pet dinosaurs…and everything in between!

Email:  |  Phone: 917.676.8635

Katie Knutson Program Descriptions 

Katie Knutson is a storyteller, teaching artist, and workshop leader. While most of her performances focus on traditional folktales, Katie also weaves in personal experiences to offer a rich, connected story event for preschoolers through adults. Every program is custom-designed for each audience and theme.

Email:  |  Phone: 651.246.7168

Lalo’s Lunchbox – Program Descriptions 

Join Lalo and his friends as they handle unpredictable food erupting out of Lalo’s Lunchbox! This family friendly show has sketch comedy, sing-a-longs, and audience participation games that teach about healthy foods and how to be kind to others. This may sound cheesy, but this show’s too “Gouda” to pass up!

Email:  |  Phone: 952.303.1188

Laura MacKenzie Laura MacKenzie Program Descriptions 

Multi-instrumentalist/Singer Laura MacKenzie has been recognized by the Minnesota State Arts Board as a master folk artist, and has received numerous honors and awards for her work in traditional music. From her Outlander-themed programs to those covering multiple Celtic traditions, Laura’s programs are adaptable for various audiences and are intriguing to both youth and adults.  Laura presents music and lore from Scotland, Ireland, Galicia, and Nova Scotia, plus England, Wales, Central France, Gascony and Belgium on an array of wind-powered instruments including wooden flutes, whistles, concertina, gemshorn, various bagpipes (bellows and blown) and voice.

Email:  |  Phone: 651.398.5055

Laura Purdie Salas Laura Purdie SalasProgram Descriptions 

Laura has written more than 125 books for kids, including several award winners. Laura enjoys sharing her love of reading, poetry and writing with students. Her presentations are interactive and appropriate for a wide range of ages. Laura believes that books are pieces of magic, conjured up to entertain us, keep us company, and show us the whole world and she shares that love with her audience.

Email:  |  Phone: 763.494.8498

Margi Preus – Program Descriptions 

Margi Preus is a New York Times bestselling author of the Newbery Honor book Heart of a Samurai, the Minnesota Book Award winning West of the Moon and other books for young readers. New titles in 2020 are Village of Scoundrels and The Littlest Voyageur. Margi’s background in theater is evident in her energetic, interactive presentations, which cover everything from spies to scoundrels and may take place inside a voyageur canoe or a whaleboat, involve thunderstorms, giant pinecones, and possibly her dog’s top ten writing tips.

Email:  |  Phone: 218.348.8674

Mica Lee Anders Program Descriptions 

Mica Lee Anders is a visual artist and arts educator who works in mixed media, mosaics, textiles, and photography. She enjoys creating time and space for community art to take place. Mica often incorporates her background in graphic arts and genealogical research into her art and her teaching.

Email: |  Phone: 319.321.2325

Minnesota Opera Program Descriptions 

A professional opera singer gives a new perspective on reading by using tools from the stage to inspire and help children engage with books. Children will make crafted props and use them to perform pieces taught in the story. They’ll make the Stories Sing!

Email: |  Phone: 612.342.1604

Nate Hance Program Descriptions 

Nate Hance offers two distinct music programs. Learn to Improvise and Write Your Own Music is your chance to bring an instrument or try one that Nate shares! Improvise a blues tune, or join Nate at the piano. Land of 10,000 Tunes is a journey though Minnesota’s Musical masterpieces. You’re invited to an exciting hour of Minnesota music – filled with variety, fun, and even a few virtuosic tricks.

Email: |  Phone: 701.240.2450

National Eagle CenterProgram Descriptions 

Learn all about eagle biology, ecology, natural history and cultural connections, the program will be presented by a naturalist interpreter and features a live eagle ambassador. Cameras are welcome. The National Eagle Center is a world-class interpretive center located on the banks of the Mississippi River in Wabasha, MN. It is home to five rescued eagles, four bald eagles and one golden eagle.

Email:  |  Phone: 651.565.4989

Northern Clay Center – Program Descriptions 

Northern Clay Center’s teaching artists will visit with your choice of a Clay ToGo Workshop or Clay ToGo Artist Demonstration. The workshop introduces attendees to artistic expression through hand-building and decorating their own project in clay, and the demonstration shows the use of the potter’s wheel as a way to create 3D forms in clay.

Email: |  Phone: 612.339.8007

Ryan Jacobson – Program Descriptions 

Join author Ryan Jacobson for adventures in writing and publishing! Ryan offers several programs for youth through adults on choosing what to write about, writing, publishing and selling your own book. He also helps very young audiences “Have a Wild Time with Books!”

Email: |  Phone: 763.639.5553

Salsa del Soul – Program Descriptions 

Salsa del Soul’s Quartet is a Twin Cities-based band comprised of members from their nine-piece orchestra. They perform various styles of dance music from the Spanish-speaking regions of the Caribbean. Salsa del Soul was formed with the purpose of providing great dance music for Minnesota Salsa fans. The musicians of Salsa del Soul represent some of the finest talents in the Twin Cities Latin music scene. The styles of music they perform include Son, Son Montuno, Plena, Cha-cha-cha, Bachata, Timba, and, of course, Salsa!

Email:  SJHAYO@MSN.COM|  Phone: 651.263.1613

Siama’s Music Program Descriptions 

Congolese guitarman Siama toured the world and recorded hundreds of radio hits from 1971-95. Now based in Minneapolis, his music combines elements of traditional Congolese music and sounds from East African dance floors and he adds familiar elements from Delta Blues and even reggae and calypso. He can tailor his program for any age group. He enlisted songwriter Dallas Johnson to make the programs super engaging and interactive. Together, they tell Siama’s stories about growing up in rural Congo and everyone’s encouraged to play African hand percussion and to sing along in Kikongo, Swahili and Lingala.

Email: |  Phone: 612.819.8881

SPRAYFINGER™ Program Descriptions 

A SPRAYFINGER™ teaching artist leads this hands-on workshop incorporating Quickut™ conceptual cutting of letter forms combined with a Sprallage™ approach to spray painting a modular surface as a background for Quickut™ or NameCollage™ resulting in unique, mixed media artworks by each participant.

Email: |  Phone: 612.224.2939

YogaQuest YogaQuest Program Descriptions 

The original YogaQuest class is unlike any yoga class you have experienced before! It is a unique blend of yoga and fan-fiction story-telling. Your quest is guided by a narrator and a certified yoga instructor, as the class embarks on an epic, and often ridiculous, journey through a popular fandom. Move through the story by following a yoga routine designed to improve strength, balance, and flexibility. Upper elementary age and up. Pose nerdy with us!

Email:  |  Phone: 612.616.5782