Vetted Promos

Publicity is required for all Legacy-funded programs. Libraries are strongly encouraged to use the SELCO provided promotional materials. If a library chooses to create its own posters, they must be pre-approved by the Legacy Project Coordinator to ensure they follow the state guidelines for Legacy-funded publicity. For the FY23 season vetted posters and facebook posts will be shared in one of two ways, depending on your preference...

  1. Editable: via Canva links, shared upon the approval of your application to host a performer.

  2. Ready-to-Go: the Legacy Coordinator will communicate with you about the library/program information you would prefer to have on the promos and then provide uneditable PDF, JPG or PNG versions of the completed promos.

Each performer has a unique color scheme. To view a sample design of the new vetted promos click the link below. Please contact SELCO's Legacy Coordinator with any questions.