The Legacy ACHF logo, SELCO logo, and MN Library Legacy logo are all required on publicity for Legacy-funded events. SELCO will always provide promotional materials that meet these requirements. If you choose to forego use of the SELCO-provided materials and create your own publicity it must meet the logo requirements and receive pre-approval from SELCO's Legacy Coordinator prior to publication.

Failure to comply with Minnesota state requirements pertaining to Legacy Logos may result in loss of funding for current Legacy grants, reimbursement of grant dollars already spent, or loss of future Legacy funding. Violations will be dealt with on an individual basis. Any penalties will be determined by the Legacy Review Committee, a Committee of the Board.

The SELCO logo was updated in January 2016, so please be sure that you have the correct logo on your documents. The brown and tan logo is no longer in use and should be replaced with the teal and khaki logo. For more information and additional file formats, please contact SELCO's Legacy Coordinator.