SELCO offers digitized local newspapers for all community members and library users to access freely through the Minnesota Digital Newspaper Hub. This valuable resource is made possible through a collaborative partnership with the Minnesota Historical Society, which has been working with SELCO to digitize over 500,000 pages of local newspapers since the project began in 2010.  Learn more about this project, tips on utilizing the newspaper hub, and additional opportunities your library may have for digization through MNHS in the 30 minute training video linked above. 

Click on the button above that says "SELCO Digitization Stats" to view a list of the newspapers that have been digitized as of February, 2023 as well as a production schedule of newspapers being digitized in FY23.

Interested in having a local newspaper digitized? For issues published prior to 1929 please contact the Legacy Program Librarian to have them added to the production schedule. For titles from 1929 and later, contact for a quote.