Library staff are STRONGLY encouraged (and in some cases required) to write thank you letters to the Governor and their local MN Representative and Senator following Legacy-sponsored programs. This expression of gratitude helps ensure that there will be continued legislative support at the state level for Legacy funding for libraries. Legislators will often cite thank you letters when offering their support in discussions and decisions surrounding Legacy funding.

To find out if you are required to submit letters to your legislators following a Legacy-sponsored program, please visit the "Final Report" page for that program.

While we understand that you might not have time to craft an original letter following each event, the more thought and personalization that is put into these letters, the better. Starting with a form is always okay, but please take the time to make it your own - anecdotes and stories of how Legacy money has touched individual people is a great way to start. In addition, please encourage audience members who had a strong connection with a Legacy-sponsored program to reach out to their legislators and share their positive experience with Legacy.