Legacy Event Surveys

Collecting survey responses is a required part of all Legacy-funded programs. Surveys can be administered in three ways depending on what best suits the needs of your audience.

  1. Print: click the button above to download a printable version of the surveys.

  2. Verbal: for larger audiences or groups made up mostly of children it may be easier to conduct the survey by asking the questions aloud and having audience members raise their hands or call out in response. This can be used as the sole means of collecting results or can be done in combination with print copies. A sample adaptation of the questions for large and/or young audiences can be found above. You can adapt these questions further, if needed. If you administer the survey verbally, please indicate this on your final report form in the final comment section.

  3. Online: for virtual programs or accessibility purposes you may want to use an electronic survey. Please reach out to the Legacy Coordinator at least two weeks in advance of your program to request a google form version of the print survey. If you would like a QR code linking to the online survey please include this in your request.

Survey results will be used by library staff to complete the final report form and ensure SELCO continues to sponsor the highest quality arts and cultural heritage programs and projects. Individual survey responses do not need to be submitted to the Legacy Coordinator as a part of the final report process.